Meet the toughest of oil country chucks:

Largest thru holes

A2-20 and A2-15 direct mount

Superior gripping force

Oil Country Chucks: Gladiator by H&R Mfg. and Supply, Inc. Gladiator Logo

HUGE Oil Country Thru Holes

2 - 3" larger vs. competitors

Up to 16" ID

8640 cast steel base

HUG Oil Country Thru Holes

Extreme versatility: multiple jaw positions


Normal Grip


Extended Grip


Reverse Grip

Reverse Extended

Reverse Extended Grip Master Jaw layer1-sublayer1

Gladiator 4 Jaw Independent Oil Country Chucks

Go big or go home.

Only Gladiator gives you the most space to work in with super sized thru holes. The Gladiator XXXII features 16" ID, so there's plenty of room to do what you need to do.

No job too tough.

Gladiator chucks have been built from the ground up for heavy duty oil country jobs in mind. Crafted from super tough 8640 cast steel, Gladiator is guaranteed to get the job done, and with 125,000lbs. of gripping force per jaw, it's ready for practically anything you throw at it.

What the Chuck is holding your parts?

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Oil Country's Largest Available Thru Holes

Topping out at 16" on the 32" model, Gladitor thru holes are a full two to three inches larger than competitors. Gladiator chucks also feature an 8640 cast steel base, which is much stronger than iron and more resistant to the wear and tear of operation.

25,000lbs. Gripping Force per Jaw

The strength of the Gladiator's grip comes from its superior screw pitch, which yields a massive 25,000lbs. of gripping force per jaw. This is far greater than the average of only 19,000lbs. in competitor oil country chucks. Gladiator will keep your parts held tight.

More Durable Stress Area

Over 1" of material in the crucial stress area where the master jaw sits prevents bending, flexing, and breakage during operation. It also allows the master jaw to fully grip the part you're holding, while increasing overall safety during operation.

Multiple Master Jaw Positions

The master jaw allows for four positions; normal, extended, reverse, and reverse extended grips. The matching grip radius on master and hard jaws provides maximum gripping surface area. There are 3 slots available on our 32" chuck, and 2 slots on our 24" chucks.

Extended Grip on each Hard Jaw

Thanks to the multiple master jaw positions, each jaw can be extended up to 1.5". This makes it possible to safely hold a 3" OD part on our 32" Gladiator, and a 5" OD part on our 24" chucks.

Extra Wide Hard Jaws Come Standard

Gladiator's heavy duty hard jaws feature extra wide grips, ensuring your parts make contact with the maximum amount of gripping surface area during operation.